Somos un grupo de personas muy concienciadas con las dificultades que viven las familias de las zonas más vulnerables y creemos que, a través de la educación y de la comunidad, es posible mejorar la calidad de vida de muchas de ellas.
Nuestra fundación está integrada a su vez por docentes, en su mayoría doctores y doctoras de reconocida experiencia en el ámbito de la educación, del trabajo social y la psicología, que trabajan en universidades y colegios de Colombia, España y Reino Unido. Igualmente, contamos con la participación de profesionales especializados en temáticas concretas y actuales, imprescindibles en la concepción y materialización de este proyecto.




Contamos con el conocimiento de abuelos y abuelas que lideran las visiones culturales y sociales tradicionales de conocimiento y que abordan varios campos del saber, explorando aspectos propios del crecimiento humano, del conocimiento interior  y de la reconexión con la naturaleza.


AURAA STUDIO is an established Architect Practice with experience of working on residential and commercial projects in London and across the UK.
We are innovative and focused on finding affordable, environmentally friendly ways to achieve extraordinary results. Good communication and attention to detail are the keys to everything we do, and a constant theme throughout each project and client relationship, whatever the scale of the building. Over the past 2 years alone we have completed some 70 planning applications, and managed the technical and construction phases on numerous further sites where planning has either been previously obtained or not required.
Working with Community Projects 
The Co-operative Housing projects resonate closely with the ethos of the School project in La Comuna Cuatro of Soacha, Cundinamarca-Colombia. We initially won the contract for the project by presenting to the families a strategy for interpreting their ‘self-build’ brief as a modular building system that would provide a watertight envelope that would then allow the ‘self-build’ aspects to focus on more realistic interior works and so on. Almost 4 years on, we have worked intimately through every stage, from designing their houses to fit their needs and vision; managing the public consultation process; developing affordable technical solutions for the construction and finishing of the houses; to managing the finances and producing detailed cost tracking to support applications for grants, loan-stock from other Co-ops and specialist Co-op mortgages. We have helped to steer the project through towards completion, with the Cross Laminated Timber superstructures finally being manufactured in July 2019. The project was featured on the front page of the Guardian supplement last month, and championed on the BBC TV news as an example of how the right team work and resilience can lead to life changing results for ordinary working families. Leading on from this, we are now moving forward with 2 new Council owned sites released to the Co-op to house the growing list of members. The 2 buildings comprise 10 separate units of different sizes along with shared communal space and facilities. The architecture is specifically designed to make construction using Cross Laminated Timber straight forward and cost effective, building on the experience of the first houses. All properties are required to meet the Affordable Housing Index thresholds, and will remain in the ownership of the Co-op / leased from the Council in perpetuity. The first Brighton and Hove Council led new homes in some 20 years as far as we understand.